Aerospace Fabrication of Georgia, Inc.

AFG's manufacturing capabilities includeCNC Machining, Tool Fabrication, Sheet Metal Forming
& Fabrication, Assembly, and Aluminum Heat Treating

SERVICES Aluminum Heat Treating & Aging Complex CNC Machining
- 3, 4, & 5 Axis
Sheet Metal Forming
and Manufacturing
Waterjet Cutting &
Profile Nesting
Assembly, Deburr, and
Manual Machining Services
Engineering Services and
Tool Design
Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)
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Featured AFG Clients

Aerospace Fabrications of Georgia, Inc. fabricates, markets and distributes products of the highest quality, resulting in recognition of AFG as a quality leader in the commercial and military aerospace industry. Some of our current customers include: The Boeing Company, Lockheed-Martin, Gulfstream Aerospace, CPI Aerostructures, ST Aerospace, Fokker, Piper Aircraft, Derco Aerospace, and BF Goodrich Aerospace.Learn More >>


Gulfstream- Top Performing Supplier of the Year -
- Preferred Supplier of the Year -

Boeing IDS- Recognition for Outstanding Support on the C-17 Program -
- Bronze Level Certified Supplier -

McDonald Douglas- Outstanding and Dedicated Support -

Lockheed- Mentor Protégé Program -