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Aluminum Heat Treating and Aging Services


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Aluminum Heat Treating and Aging Services
Aluminum Heat Treating and Aging Services
Aluminum Heat Treating and Aging Services
Aluminum Heat Treating and Aging Services

Aerospace Fabrications of Georgia, Inc.'s Heat Treat facility is a state of the art, fully automated control center. We are currently operating two (2) Heat Age Ovens with overall dimensions of 28"D x 52"H x 32"W and one (1) Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treat Oven with a Glycol and/or Water Quench Tank measuring 43"D x 35"H x 34"W.

Our short lead times, reliable status, and affordable pricing makes us your single point of contact on the East Coast!

Testimonials from some of our customers about our Heat Treat Facility:

"I was very impressed with the AFG Heat Treat Facility and the work you have done to date. You obviously have a thorough understanding of our requirements and a sincere desire to provide us with quality processing....As far as technical capabilities are concerned, AFG certainly satisfies the requirements."

"Thank you for opening your facility during the holiday season. It's refreshing to find a processor who understands and respects the meaning of A.O.G."

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Computer Controlled System
Computer Controlled System

Our computer controlled system allows for efficient production which results in unparalleled processing times.


AFG's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system incorporates an automated job scheduling system which assures accurate delivery status.

Nadcap Certificate
Nadcap Certificate

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